This reliable, well-known, accurate rifle is a classic that has a home on the favorites list of any shooter, whether experienced or simply starting to get acquainted with air rifles.

Benjamin 392

It is chambered for .22 and operates with a multi pump pneumatic that can produce between 675 and 800 feet per second of velocity, depending obviously on the amount of pumps and type of pellet used.

Benjamin 392 review

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It is a very comfortable rifle to hold, with a good length to weight ratio, being roughly 5.5 lbs, and a fraction of an inch above three feet.

In terms of accuracy, it is very reliable for its price. Benjamin is a company that produces very high quality air rifles and this one is no exception.

It has decent power but will not take down any large game, rather it is an ideal air gun for those wishing to carry out minor pest control and simple target practice.

Most shooters these days seem to be fond of scoped shooting, and while this is a minor chore to have to perform such an installation, it is still something rare in this age of air rifle.

With that said, it is of sturdy construction and is a great all around air rifle, while still maintaining a decent budget.

This is a Benjamin product and as such, it is of very solid, sturdy construction, while also being fairly simple to maintain and operate.

Benjamin has been producing quality air rifles for decades, among them the Marauder, the Legacy, the Titan and of course the 392.

These are all great rifles that are affordable and can be suited to work for a variety of shooting needs. The 392 itself is a great rifle that has been produced for a while. It will never win any competitions in terms of power that can mangle a large animal.

Nor will it hit targets with dime-sized groupings at out to 60 yards but for $170-$180 there are few air rifles on the market right now that can provide the kind of shooting experience of the 392.


With some upgrades and a fully zeroed in scope, the Benjamin 392 can hit targets out to 50 yards.

Overall, in the hands of a seasoned shooter it is very accurate and while there are more accurate rifles out there, the Benjamin is a good cross between decent and consistent power and great accuracy.

Beginner shooters may have difficulty if they don’t pump the same amount of times each time they shoot, and it can take some time to get the sights properly adjusted but overall this gun is a straight shooter that will produce great results in the hands of a diligent shooter willing to spend time getting to know the rifle.


The power of this air rifle is unremarkable. It obviously depends on the shooter and shot placement as much as it depends on speed of the projectile.

But with the Benjamin 392, which is a multi-pump pneumatic and as such, can be pumped to the shooter’s desire.

More pumps equals greater power, and in the case of the Benjamin 392 the maximum power that can be produced with the right pellet type is roughly 800 feet per second.

With its accuracy, which is pretty effective up to 35-40 yards depending on the shooter and conditions that could easily take out a squirrel at a long range.

The .22 hits with very solid power as well, which means a rabbit is a potential target with a rifle like this.

Anything bigger may require a .25 but for most pest control and some small game, along with target practice, the Benjamin 392 is a very good choice.


In terms of “will this rifle shoot when the trigger is pulled?” The Benjamin 392 is a reliable shooter. Unfortunately there a couple of important problems with its system.

The first is that if you want to shoot through a scope, you will have to buy an extra piece that does not come with the rifle.That is an extra expenditure, unfortunately during a time when most air guns are coming with custom scopes.

On top of the scope rail issue, there is a problem with the seals on the pumps of some of these rifles.

Common practices to put one pump into the system before putting away a multi-pump pneumatic, but the degradation of the seals on the 392 seems accelerated significantly if this is not done.


With very respectable power and accuracy and a cost the Benjamin 392 is a great value pick.

It does come with its own set of downfalls, but overall, there are few guns that can produce this kind of power and 40 yard accuracy and keep money in your pocket.

If you do need a scope, the attachment rail is not very expensive and the quality of scope you buy is up to you, but with that said, iron sights exist for a reason and this rifle has completely adjustable sights. If you know how to use them, they are not a bad option.

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Between the phenomenal value, the solid power and the very respectable accuracy, this rifle is not perfect, there are few better choices out there.

While it is a great rifle, there are some significant drawbacks that prevent it from being a perfect.