Top 15 Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle Reviews with a Complete Buying Guide

What makes a sniper so dangerous?

It’s mostly because they can hit their target, with amazing accuracy from ridiculous distances. This is the appeal of the sniper too. Everyone wants to be the superb marksman.

When you are just starting out, you need practice. While not everyone has access to a 1000-yard range whenever they want to put a few rounds down-range, they can use the best airsoft sniper rifle, many times a replica, to get the fundamentals down.

Shooting is repetition and muscle memory. Once you learn the basic techniques, you can transfer them to just about any rifle with a minimal learning curve.

Using the best airsoft sniper rifles means they have metal triggers and barrels so they have a little weight to them. Many of these rifles are also replicas of actual rifles used on combat.

The classic look of a sniper rifle is enough to let people know, without words, that you know what you’re doing on the battlefield. While anyone with the money can buy a good gun, you need to back up your game with some real accuracy.

The top rated airsoft sniper rifles we have listed here are going to give you the tools to help you become the shooter from the shadows you always see in the movies or strive to be in the video games you play.


The first question most people want to know is:

What is the best airsoft sniper rifle?

While this is a personal preference question, there ARE some things you will want to look for, and we’ll talk about them now.

Barrel Length

When you are choosing the best airsoft sniper rifle for you, barrel length is something to consider. Some are longer and some are shorter—sometimes called carbine barrels. A longer barrel will give you better accuracy. A shorter barrel will make the rifle easier to transport and maneuver in the field or tight spaces.

Build Material

A good airsoft sniper rifle will have a metal barrel. The metal battel will allow for more accuracy and allows the spring to be stronger.

A stronger spring means you can push the BB out at a higher velocity meaning it will go farther and have a greater impact when it hits your target.

Accessory Rails

Having, at least, a rail for a scope is important. You don’t need a scope that’s super powerful, but a little magnification is useful. A lot of times a red dot is all you need.

Also, keep in mind that you are shooting less than 200 feet.

Your targets at 30 feet might not need any magnification to see. When you have a 3x scope and are trying to shoot something at the 30-foot range, it will be blurry.


Some of the most accurate airsoft sniper rifles in this list do not come with any accessories. Others include a scope or bipod or both.

A bipod and a scope are really helpful and if you are not used to using either, you might not know what to look for if you were to buy one.

The scopes that come with the rifles are okay, but they might not be to your liking. Regardless, the accessories that come with the best airsoft sniper rifles are a good starting point to help you decide what you like and don’t like.


As you look through the descriptions of the top-notch sniper rifles below, you’ll see most of them take a 6mm BB. Keep in mind, though, that the weight of the ammo used is important. If it is too light, it won’t go very far.

When it’s too heavy, it won’t go far either. Choose a plastic BB that’s a little heavier than the .20 gram that’s most common.

1. UTG Sport Gen 5 Airsoft Master Sniper Rifle

This classic looking sniper rifle is what you see in a lot of movies. The included bipod will help you steady your barrel insuring you hit what you want to hit from a very long distance.

To get the details of your intended target you’ll want to add a scope, though. You can add the scope of your choosing to the top rail.

UTG Sport Gen 5

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  • Comes with bipod.
  • Additional buttstock inserts to adjust the rifle to your preference.
  • Picatinny rail for adding a scope.


  • No optic included

A scope and bipod help tremendously when you are shooting long distances. Other accessories help you fine-tune the comfort of your rifle against your body too.

The supplied buttstock inserts help bring the gun back towards you increasing the comfort and view through your sight.

2. GameFace GF529 Sniper Carbine Airsoft Rifle

A feature you will see in top rated airsoft sniper rifles is a metal barrel. Having a metal barrel in your airsoft sniper rifle will give you a degree of accuracy you aren’t likely to get with a plastic barrel.

This carbine (shorter than a rifle barrel) is a good airsoft sniper rifle for those who like to move around a lot.

Long barrels do help with accuracy, but if you can get closer to your target, you are much more likely to hit your target. The shorter barrels can help with maneuverability in the field while still giving you the accuracy you need to take the shot.

GameFace GF529

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  • 29-round magazine
  • Speedloader and cleaning rod included.


  • No bipod included
  • No optic included

A carbine barrel is a good feature for may shooters. You get the same functionality of the rifle you know and love, but you can move around more easily.

Many times, the sniper rifles are cumbersome and heavy. A carbine can make all the difference in the field.

3. BBTac BT59 Airsoft Sniper Rifle Bolt Action Type 96 Airsoft Gun

This amazing rifle is based on the L96 AWP Sniper Rifle. If you don’t know your guns all that well, this is a version of the L96 sniper rifle adapted for the extreme cold.

The AWP stands for Arctic Warfare Police. Imagine laying there for days in the arctic just waiting for your target.

Your gun would get a smidge cold and might not fire. This is where the AWP variant comes in. It thrives in the cold.

BBTac BT59 Airsoft Sniper

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  • Replica L96 AWP Sniper Rifle
  • 3X Scope included.
  • Bipod included.


  • All plastic body.

This rifle is the same one you like to use in Counter Strike if you are a gamer. It comes with a scope and bipod so you can take it out of the box and go shooting right away.

It’s recommended that you sight in your scope before you make any bets about the accuracy of your shooting.

4. AGM M14 SOCOM RIS High-Powered Sniper Rifle

Do you like to add accessories like scopes, flashlights and other goodies to your long-range shooter? Well, this M14 SOCOM variant might be right up your alley. When the SOCOM version is for the people who go directly into harm’s way.

This happy medium between a long barrel high caliber sniper rifle and a CQB rifle makes it the best airsoft sniper rifle on the market for those who like to run toward the action, not run away. Get right to the edge of where your enemies weapons can’t get you and pick them off one at a time.

400 fps agm m14 socom

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  • 37-round magazine.
  • Has a rail for mounting a scope.
  • Metal barrel for rigidity.
  • Numerous accessories included.


  • Even though it’s true to the original AGM M14 RIS SOCOM, it looks less like a sniper rifle than others in the list.

Any rifle based on the M14 platform is a sure winner. It’s been the go-to for many men on the ground. This SOCOM version offers a few features you can’t get on the regular variant.

5. M14 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The M14 rifle has been around for a long time. It has proven its usefulness in many different conflicts. When you are in the market for the best airsoft sniper rifle, why not get one based on a real world warrior like the M14?

Like the real M14, you can add all sorts of accessories to this 1:1 airsoft replica.  A simple sling can make transporting this sharpshooter special a lot easier.

M14 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

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  • Full-scale replica of M14 automatic rifle.
  • 37-round magazine.


  • No scope included.
  • Single shot spring powered.

Using this realistic rifle for training, instead of a real M14, will give you the peace of mind that you can’t seriously injure anyone if there is an accident.

The weight and 1:1 replication assure you won’t gain muscle memory learning on a gun that’s totally different than its real world counterpart.

6. WELL VSR-10 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle

Not every rifle needs a long barrel. The best airsoft sniper rifle for your needs might be a rifle that’s easier to maneuver so you can crawl closer to your target.

Are you carrying your sniper rifle just in case you have the opportunity to use it? Well, the longer barrels make for a more difficult time to haul it around.

This is probably the best airsoft sniper rifle under 100 dollars if you are looking to pair your ability to take a long shot with being able to move around more easily.

spring super sniper


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  • Shortened barrel for improved maneuverability.
  • Selectable fire switch.
  • Bolt action spring powered.
  • Rail for scope.


  • No scope included.

While a scope and bipod are not included with this good airsoft sniper rifle, you may want to consider not adding them. Having a large scope on this short barrel sniper rifle may hinder the maneuverability you gain with the shorter overall length gun.

With the help of the objects around you, there should be something you can use to rest your barrel on when taking a shot. If nothing else, you can get in a crouching stance when you need to shoot.

7. Wellfire APS SR-2 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

The mostly metal construction of this gun makes it a favorite in airsoft sniper rifle reviews around the web. You will get a realistic weight while holding this guy.

You shouldn’t need to worry about banging it around a little when you are running or crawling to your next hide.

470 fps wellfire

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  • Metal internals with plastic exterior.
  • Collapsible stock.
  • 470 fps


  • No sights included.

When buying the any of the top rated airsoft sniper rifles, or any gun for that matter, they don’t usually come with accessories unless they are essential for the operation of the gun.

When accessories are included, they are not usually the best option out there, they are just something to get you started.

Adding in your own scope and bipod will help you get what you want, not settle for what they gave you.

8. MetalTac MB06 SR-2 Tactical Airsoft Sniper Rifle

This all black beast will give you everything you can think of in a rifle. Being at the top end of the list, you’ll get the best airsoft sniper rifle on the market for just a little over 100 dollars. For that price, you will get a scope, bipod, and great accuracy.

For you gamers out there, this is the legendary AWP Sniper rifle from Counter Strike. Getting the best airsoft sniper rifle of the best sniper rifle in video game history lets you put your real world shooting skills to the test.

You’re good with your video game aim, what about ACTUALLY correcting your aim for the environment?

MetalTac MB06 SR-2

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  • The important parts are metal with some plastic outer parts.
  • This is the AWP Sniper rifle from Counter Strike.
  • Included bipod.
  • Scope included.


  • The scope zooms but there is no focus option.

Something to consider is using a heavier plastic BB. As with many of the best airsoft sniper rifles out there, they shoot better and farther with heavier ammo.

9. AGM MP001 Bolt Action Airsoft Sniper Rifle

agm mp001 airsoft sniper

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  • Classic wooden stock look.
  • Rail for scope and bipod.
  • Aluminum barrel.


  • The bolt may loosen after a shooting several shots.

10. Bolt Action Airsoft BT-L96 Sniper Rifle

Starting out, you want a good airsoft sniper rifle. This rifle will not let you down. It comes with a lot of accessories you would normally buy anyway.

While you can always upgrade your scope to a red dot or something else that fits your shooting preferences, you have everything here you’ll need to start.

BBTac Airsoft Sniper

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  • Scope included (3-9×32 adjustable zoom hunting scope).
  • Bipod included.
  • Full metal barrel.


  • Scope meant for distances of more than 25 feet. (This is expected on a sniper rifle, though.)

With any new gun and scope combination, you will want to take your time and sight it in. Once you have an accurate rifle, head out to the battlefield and watch people run and dive in fear from your accuracy.

11. UTG AccuShot Competition Shadow Ops Sniper Rifle

This competition grade gun is arguably the most accurate airsoft sniper rifle in this list. The shadow ops rifle is the only one we’ve talked about with a digital camouflage design.

Because of the aluminum insides, it is probably the best airsoft sniper rifle under 200 dollars.

UTG AccuShot Competition

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  • Aluminum frame and barrel.
  • Plastic digital camo exterior.
  • Upper and lower rail for mounting a scope and bipod.
  • Bipod included.


  • No sights or scope included.

Like many of the rifles out there, you will want to add in your own scope and other accessories to fit your style of shooting.

The digi camo will really set this gun apart from the other all black or wood finish guns at the airsoft battlefields.

12. Cyma ZM51 Bolt Action Airsoft Rifle

This is arguably the best airsoft sniper rifle under 100 dollars that a beginner can pick up and start using.

What you get when you buy this cost-effective shooter is an accurate, light-weight rifle with a scope and a bipod included.

Cyma ZM51 Bolt Action

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  • Scope included.
  • Bipod included.
  • Cost effective rifle for beginners.


  • Plastic construction.
  • Lesser velocity than others on the list.
  • Magazine is kind of small.

For the newbie or occasional shooter, this is a good airsoft sniper rifle to wet your feet with. Get a feel for the bolt action, the bipod, scope, and barrel length to see if there are things you like and things you don’t.

Having a starter gun is good because it turns into a backup or loaner gun when you step up to something a bit more specific for your needs.

13. Barrett M82A1 Gun M107 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

The Barrett is the iconic long-range sniper rifle. If you want to reach out and touch someone from a mile away, you can do that with a Barrett.

This entry level airsoft sniper rifle brings the looks of the M107, just not the cost—or the ability to shoot a target a mile away.

With this inexpensive kit, you get the rifle, a see-through scope (doesn’t magnify), and a bipod. The max velocity is achieved using lighter .12 gram BBs.

Airsoft Sniper Rifle

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  • Looks like the iconic Barrett M107 rifle.
  • Has a bipod in the box.


  • Plastic construction.
  • Non-functioning scope.

While this rifle looks like a Barrett, it leaves a little to be desired when it comes to performance. It would be nice to see something a bit more bad ass. I mean, it’s a M107! Live up to the name.

14. Lancer Tactical M82 Airsoft Sniper Rifle

In the best airsoft sniper rifle under 200 dollars category, this rifle is near the top. It’s modeled after the Barrett M82A1 sniper rifle used in militaries all over the world. It’s a beast. This airsoft version has a polymer body, but all the important parts are metal.

The metal parts give it a good weight. Using the included scope (3-9×40) and bipod will allow for great accuracy at a long distance. This gun is the only one on the list that has an optional CO2 conversion kit you can buy for it.

lancer tactical m82

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  • Metal and polymer construction.
  • Working scope and bipod included.
  • Optional CO2 conversion kit available for purchase.
  • Extra storage for 500+ extra rounds.


  • Heavy shipping weight.
  • The spring inside can bend.

This Barrett replica is more true to the Barrett name. It offers metal parts that matter and an upgrade to make it more powerful. What more could you ask for?

15. Bravo Full Metal MK98 Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

The Bravo is a replica of the L96 sniper rifle used all over the world. It gives you a bipod but not a scope. It’s made with metal and polymer, so it’s rugged and has some weight to it.

Bravo Full Metal MK98

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  • 500 fps velocity.
  • Metal and polymer construction.
  • Cheek rest for comfort while shooting.


  • More color options would be nice.

This is one of the top rated airsoft sniper rifles in this list. Being based on a heavily used real world sniper rifle is a great starting point.

Adding in the metal and polymer building materials is another big plus. Get yourself a decent scope to put on top of this rifle and you will be picking off targets from a good distance in no time.


Knowing what you know now, you should have a better idea of what’s available. You can easily choose the best airsoft sniper rifle on the market for your needs.

There are options to look at beyond what’s talked about in this list, though. What we tried to do is give you a wide range of features, materials, brands, and accompanying accessories.

Doing some research, like you’re doing right now, will go a long way in getting the right gun for you. There are brands that have better build quality than others. Some have more replica guns.

Some come in at a less expensive price.  There is no best brand of airsoft sniper rifle. It’s about what meets your needs the best.

What are the specific needs you’re looking for in an airsoft sniper rifle?