Best Airsoft Guns 2018: The Definitive Buying Guide with Reviews

Airsoft has become extremely popular over the past few years. It’s sort of like paintball, but more realistic.

When you see a paintball gun, it’s easy to tell. The rifles have a big hopper on them to hold the paint balls and a lot of time there is a good-sized air tank.

When you see an Airsoft gun, it’s different. The guns are a replica of actual production model guns. This is where the appeal stems.

They aren’t designed in the likeness of, they are the same size and shape as the real thing.

The Airsoft guns come in a variety that spans handguns, rifles, sniper rifles, and more.

Say you have a Mossberg tactical shotgun and you like the way it shoots. Well, you can get the style gun in an Airsoft version.

Because you can get these Airsoft replicas they are very popular with groups of people to simulate tactical and other battle situations.

It is very easy to train with a realistic gun in a realistic scenario being able to shoot and

What to Look for in an Airsoft Gun

Just starting out, you will have a lot of questions. Most of us have grown up shooting BB guns or pellet guns.

You may have even played a little paintball from time to time.

Airsoft is a sort of a combination between the two. It lets you have the lightweight non-lethal rounds, smaller weapons, and they don’t hurt…that much.

What Do Airsoft Guns Shoot?

High quality airsoft guns generally shoot a 6mm round projectile. You might see other sizes, but the 6mm is most common.

Do airsoft guns hurt?

The simple answer is yes, good airsoft guns do hurt. Not for long, though.

They are little plastic BBs (usually 6mm in size) and they are being flung at you in rapid succession.

While the BBs are not young to wound you, they will leave a welt and can break the skin on some areas of the body.

Because they can break the skin, you need to wear some sort of eye cover.

A paintball-style mask works well to keep you looking and seeing as good as you could when you started the day.


How do Airsoft Guns Work?

There are 3 main types of ways the airsoft gun shoots the BB. There is gas, spring, and electric. The gas works the same way as a paintball or bb gun. The air pushed the BB out of the barrel.

The spring requires you put tension on the spring for each round similar in the way you would for a pump shotgun.

The electric airsoft gun will fetch the most money, so be aware of it when you are shopping. The electric airsoft gun will shoot several BBs in rapid succession.

Some of the best airsoft guns can shoot 500-1000 rounds per minute. They shoot this fast by using an electric motor to send the projectiles down range.

Below, we will be answering the age-old question, “what is the best airsoft gun?”

If you are just starting to look around, the lists below of the top airsoft guns will be broken into sections to help you decide on what fits your needs the best.

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Best Airsoft Pistols

Your pistol is your last resort. When you lose your rifle, be it running out of ammo or a malfunction, your pistol is your savior. It gets you through until you can acquire more ammo or a new weapon.

If you have a real gun, or just like a certain brand, you’ll be happy to see some licensed replicas of popular real world guns.

1. Stunt Studios 998 C02 Airsoft Pistol with DVD

The Stunt Studios 998 pistol claims to shoot at a velocity of 410 feet per second (fps). This realistic looking airsoft pistol is of the gas-powered variety. It’s full sized pistol body gives you a rail for adding an optional flashlight or other accessory.


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  • CO2 powered
  • BBs and gas both fit in the magazine.
  • Easy to manipulate safety lever.
  • Also, it comes with a DVD of stuntman Kyle Woods


  • A larger capacity magazine would be nice.
  • Some say it feels like less than 410fps

This is a good entry level gas pistol for those of you getting started.

2. Wingun 701s 4 Revolver

Every good collection needs a revolver. They might have fewer rounds than a gun with a magazine, but they are reliable.

The way a revolver works as an airsoft gun is a much the same as a real revolver works. You need to load each bb individually.

One of the nice parts of having a metal barrel is, they manufacturer can add adjustable sights, not just molded sights like you have on a plastic barrel.

If you want to a bit more accuracy, you can add a laser or optic with the provided scope rail mount.


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  • Speed loader included.
  • Scope rail mount included.
  • Metal frame and barrel for a more realistic feel.


  • Revolvers hold fewer rounds.

A revolver is fun to use and can be an asset on the battlefield. When you pull out a long barrel revolver, people think power and know there is a low malfunction rate.

3. WG Panther 801BS

This metal bodied airsoft gun has a realistic weight. The 15-round magazine lets you unleash the 6mm BBs as quickly as you can pull the trigger.

In some of the reviews, users have reported the CO2 runs out quickly. Even though the gun is a compact size, you still have a rail for adding an optional flashlight or other accessory.



  • Metal construction so it has a realistic weight and feel
  • 15-round magazine.
  • Small size but offers an accessory rail.


  • Uses CO2 quickly

The metal construction of this pistol gives it a realistic weight and feel. If you are a gun owner, possibly with your CCW, you will appreciate the weight of this gun.

4. Colt 100Th Anniversary 1911

The Colt 1911 is the go-to gun for anyone who wants a quality full-size handgun. The military used to issue these in the early 20th century.

When choosing an airsoft sidearm, you can’t go wrong with the 100th anniversary 1911 style shooter.

The full metal body gives a realistic feel and weight when it’s in your belt holster. If you have a live ammo 1911, you will feel extremely comfortable drawing one of these top rated airsoft guns. Your muscle memory will kick right in.


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  • Metal construction so it has a realistic weight and feel
  • 15-round magazine.


  • Large gun may not fit in smaller hands well.

The 1911 is a great weapon. In the real world, it’s known to be reliable and very deadly. The replica of the Colt brings some of that nostalgia to the airsoft battlefield.

Because it is exactly like its real world counterpart, feel free to use any holster you can find for a 1911 (think shoulder holster).

5. Umarex Walther P99 2262020

For those of you who have shot a Walther pistol of any caliber, you know it’s a very comfortable pistol to fire. This comfort and style transferred over to this high quality airsoft gun.

You will get a 15-round magazine to fire the 6mm BBs about 120ft as fast as your finger can pull the trigger.

The body is polymer, but still rigid. This is the best airsoft gun modeled after the Walther p99 because it is officially licensed and trademarked to be identical to the live fire model.


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  • Officially licensed to be the exact match to the real model. (1:1 scale)
  • 15-round magazine.


  • Lighter because of the polymer material.

The US police and government officers use Walther pistols as service weapons because of their quality and ruggedness. This replica will give you the same at ease feeling when you’re carrying it.

Best Airsoft Rifles

Getting a good rifle is the difference between winning and losing on the battlefield. Are you planning to keep your distance and need a longer barrel rifle?

Or are you the one who storms the structures and needs a full-auto CQB rifle. Barrel length, features, add-ons, and other goodies make it a difficult personal choice to make.

1. BBTac Airsoft Gun CQB 315-FPS AEG M16/M4 Style

This rifle is a bit different than others on the list. Being one of the best airsoft guns out there, you can expect a good quality build, high cap mag, and a decent firing velocity of over 300 fps.

What sets this gem apart from the rest of the group is this airsoft rifle is designed for close quarters combat (CQB).

What this gives you is a shorter barrel and adjustable stock for ease of maneuvering it in tight spaces. When you are turning the corner, and see two enemies ready to take you out, this automatic CQB rifle is what you want in your hands.


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  • Shorter barrel for CQB situations and better maneuvering in general.
  • Included red dot for better sighting your target.
  • High capacity magazine (300-rounds)


  • It comes with low quality BBs that can ruin the gearbox of the gun.

Close quarters are more complicated than you think. Having a short barrel and adjustable stock make it easy to size the rifle just right for sweeping the rooms after breeching the structure.

2. 614 AEG M4 Style Full Auto Airsoft Rifle

This M4 variant gives you a full auto airsoft rifle at a reasonable price. With a firing velocity of 315fps, you can reach out and touch someone before they even see you peeking through your cover.

While the body of this rifle is plastic, you are still getting a great shooter based on airsoft gun reviews across the web.


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  • Included accessories like a laser, sling, and flashlight.
  • Has a 300-round high-capacity magazine.


  • All plastic body keeps the weight down, but can’t handle as much abuse.

3. Heckler & Koch 416 AEG

Heckler and Koch makes some of the most rugged weapons out there. This will be one of the best airsoft guns you can buy because it is an AR-15 style rifle based on the Heckler & Koch HK416 rifle.

You will get standard features like the front and rear flip up sights, quad rail for attachments, 250-round magazines, adjustable stuck, and a top rail for your red dot.


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  • Front and rear flip sights.
  • Modeled after the Heckler & Koch HK416 rifle.
  • Quad rail for adding attachments like a forward grip.


  • The all plastic body keeps the weight down, but can’t handle as much abuse as the partial metal rifles.

A full auto rifle is always a good option. Just remember to conserve your ammo and use 3 round bursts.

4. Boyi M4 M16 Grenade Electric Airsoft Rifle LPEG

Want to strike fear into your enemy?

That’s pretty easy when you have a grenade launcher attached to your rifle. The grenade launcher works like an airsoft shotgun and fires BBs, not any sort of larger projectile.

The kit comes with extras like a several rail attachment plates, foregrip, sights, battery pack, and more. A neat feature is, you can place the batteries in the body of the grenade launcher if you’d like.


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  • Two magazines included, one standard (less than 100-rounds) and one high capacity 350-round mag.
  • 10-round grenade launcher.
  • The package has a lot of attachments and extras you would normally want to buy anyway.


  • Some of the plugs do not stay connected well.
  • Some of the attachments (handles) are difficult to slide on.
  • Grenade launcher fires BBs, not a larger projectile.

The added grenade launcher adds in a cool factor no other rifle has in this list. Want cool points? This is how you get them.

5. Thompson M1A1 Airsoft Submachine Gun

The Tommy Gun is one of the most iconic machine guns of all time. You used to be able to order one from a catalog through the mail.

Times have changed, but you can still get this airsoft Tommy Gun delivered right to your door.

This metal-bodied replica will let you feel what it’s like to be at the turn of the century gangster using the Chicago Organ Grinder on the airsoft battlefield.

While it doesn’t come with a 100-round style drum magazine for this version, you can still lay down a steady rate of fire with the 380 rounds you are allotted.


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  • Metal body and gears help it last a long time.
  • Officially licensed to be an exact replica of the original Thompson M1A1 Submachine gun.


  • The drum magazine would look a little cooler than the stick style.

Feeling like a mobster or a WW1 trench sweeper? This is the weapon for you.

Best Airsoft Gun Combo Kits

The beauty of a combo kit is getting several styles of guns. Sure you might not like the feel of one style in the pack, but you never know when you will need a backup gun. Already have a gas-powered pistol so why do you need a spring-powered set?

Well, when you’re at the battlefield and you have a faulty weapon, it’s good to have a backup. Another option is to trade it off to a buddy who needs a backup or is just starting out.

1. Cyma Twin Spring Airsoft Dual Pistol Combo Pack

One pistol is good, but two are better. Airsoft pistols generally have 15 round magazines. You know how fast you can empty 15-rounds, right? Having a second sidearm is a very good thing when you are in a sticky situation.

This dual pistol combo gives you just that. You have two pistols in a carrying case; easy to transport and ready to use when you get to the battlefield.


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  • Good pricing for two pistols and a case.


  • Can jam on occasion.
  • Lesser build quality to fit in the less expensive price range.

Good low use starter kit. Not ideal for heavy war gamers.

2. Crosman Elite Front Line Force Airsoft Rifle and Pistol Kit

The minimum airsoft gun combo for a single person to carry is a rifle and a pistol. The rifle is your main weapon.

Your pistol, however, will get you by if you run out of rifle ammo or need to fire at a closer range than is comfortable with a rifle.

This Crosman combo will give you exactly what you need when you are starting out. You’ll get a 1911 style handgun and outside the waist band (OWB).


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  • Good starter combo.
  • Quality build.
  • Comes with belt holster for handgun.


  • Spring powered so there is no auto fire option for the rifle.

If you are getting into airsoft, you can start out here, It’s the minimum you’d want as far as a weapon selection goes.

3. Dark Ops Airsoft Lot of 5 Airsoft Guns

Are you the type who like to be prepared for just about anything?

This five gun starter kit is the way to go. You get just about everything you could want to test the waters of joining in an airsoft battle. You will get a sniper rifle, shotgun, two pistols, and an Uzi-like pistol.

You will get a feel for what type of gun you like to use when you are in the thick of things. Some prefer a shotgun over a rifle. Others like a sniper rifle. It’s all up to you.


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  • Five spring powered guns in the combo.
  • Lots of accessories to get you started.


  • All the guns are spring powered so there is not an auto fire option, even with the Uzi.
  • It would be nice if the sniper scope was functional.

Five guns in one pack? Yup. While they are spring powered, they are a good starter kit to help you get a feel for the different style weapons.

4. BBTac Airsoft Gun Package - Police Entry Team Collection

When getting into a combo kits with high quality airsoft guns, something you will want to consider is how important auto fire capabilities are to you.

When you are in the field, do you want to have to chamber each round or do you want to spray and pray?

This Police Entry Team package is a good kit for those of you who want to fill the enemies with as many BBs as you can as quickly as possible.

The CQB rifle in this combo steps you up into the beauty of an electric, full auto rifle. Enjoy.


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  • Full auto rifle.
  • Great variety of guns in the kit.
  • Lots of added accessories in the kit (e.g. 4000 BBs).


The SMG pistols would be better if they were electric.

5. BBTac Airsoft Gun Package - Black Ops

This is the most robust combo kit in in the list. You get a massive seven high quality airsoft guns.

When you are starting out and aren’t sure what your weapon of choice is, a large kit like this will help you decide without having to buy every style and try it out.

This spring powered airsoft gun kit is a very economical way to find your preference.

Just like any gun you buy, you need to find what you like. Choosing from the 3-handguns, 1-shotgun, 1-AR-15 style rifle, and the 2-Uzi-like guns, you are sure to find a favorite.


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  • Seven guns to choose from.
  • A good number of accessories included.
  • Not too expensive starter kit.


  • Spring powered meaning no full auto mode.

This kit will make you a one-person army. Pick your favorite weapons of the seven and still have spares.


As you might have noticed, there is a lot of decisions you need to make when choosing your new high quality airsoft gun. Do you want a rapid rate of fire? Do you need several guns in a kit? How about an exact replica of a real gun?

These will play into the decision-making process. Gas and electric airsoft guns, will offer you a fast rate of fire. The spring powered airsoft guns save you some money because they are less complicated.

Deciding between the best airsoft gun brands difficult and every brand has its fanboys. Each and every gun I this list is someone’s favorite.

Which one will be your go-to airsoft BB slinging weapon of choice?