Glowing Airsoft BBs into Toilet: Best thing you will see today!

I can’t put my finger on why exactly this is so satisfying to watch!?


3 thoughts flashed through my mind when I saw this for the first time.

First – “Wow, that’s cool!”

Second – “OK, who’s gonna clean up the BBs that missed or jumped out?”

And finally … “Uh, what happens when you flush with a bowl full of BBs?”

How it works

If you are not an airsofter you may be wondering how this all works. It is actually pretty simple and hidden in plain sight.

The gun is an airsoft gun which shoots tiny 6mm plastic balls (called BBs) using air pressure. In front of the gun you can mount a “silencer” unit. Since the airsoft gun fires using compressed air there is actually not really any loud bang for a silencer to dampen. Instead this silencer is actually a tracer unit that shines UV light onto the BBs as they are fired.

You also need special glow-in-the-dark BBs that activate once UV light is shined onto them. While you could simply place them in the sun to absorb UV light, using a tracer unit is much more effective to activate the glow during firing.

Instead of a silencer tracer unit one can also get a tracer magazine which activates the BBs right before it enters the shooting mechanism.

Tracer ammo is mostly used during milsim airsoft games at night but they are certainly amazing to watch during the day as well!

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