Benjamin 392

Benjamin 392The Benjamin 392 is one of the most comfortable air rifles that you will every hold.

The Benjamin 392 weighs about 5.5 lbs and measures just above three feet in length, which gives it one of the best length to weight ratios around.

Benjamin, a very well known company that produces high quality air rifles at a very affordable price.

In terms of power, the Benjamin 392 is not going to ever be able to take down large game, such as a deer. However, it has more than enough power to be able to take down most minor pests in the yard.

It also makes a great air rifle for good old target shooting. And, with the addition of a scope, accuracy is pretty impressive.

The Benjamin 392 is a rather impressive air rifle no matter how you look at it. Built and manufactured by Benjamin, the 392 offers sturdy construction and is fairly simple to maintain.

The 392 is easy to operate, so shooters of all levels will find it enjoyable. Read review


Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro

Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro

The Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro is one of the few air rifles that truly lives up to its name.

Gamo has put a lot of effort into developing quiet air rifles that will not scare any pests away after the first shot, and it’s easy to say that they succeeded with the Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro even with its ability to chamber either .177 or .22 rounds.

Thanks to its extra layer of thick material in the barrel and the amazing suppressor placed at the end of the barrel, the Gamo Whisper Fusion can reduce the noise of any shot by up to 80%.

However, near silent firing is not all that the Gamo Whisper Fusion Pro has to offer, which is why it’s such a popular choice among air rifle enthusiast.

With velocity reaching up to 1400 fps the Whisper Fusion Pro has some nice power and is actually pretty accurate at distances of up to 40 yards out.

Thanks to its special shockwave absorbing stock, the Whisper Fusion Pro has minimal recoil to deal with. Read review


Crosman M4-177

Crosman M4-177

The Crosman M4-177 is a multi-pump pneumatic air rifle that is similar in length and weight to the real M4.

Coming in at just under 4 lbs and measuring 34 inches in length, holding the Crosman M4-177 feels just like you are holding the real M4.

The only difference we can find between these two beauties is the .177 pellets used in the Crosman M4-177, but they are safer and cheaper than what the real M4 uses.

Crosman manufactures good quality air rifles and the M4-177 is no exception. The air rifle packs a pretty decent punch with velocity reaching up to 600 fps, but honestly, how much power it packs will depend on how many times you pump it. And, its accuracy is amazing at up to 10 yards out.

The M4-177 comes with picatinny rails that allows for the mounting of aftermarket scopes. Both rear and front sights are 100% removable. And, if that isn’t enough the stock is removable too. Read review

Crosman Optimus

Crosman OptimusIn terms of air rifles the Crosman Optimus is one of the medium sized ones, measuring about 45 inches long and weighing just a bit over 7 lbs.

Manufactured by Crosman the wood stock and steel barrel of high quality and more than live up to the name that Crosman has made for itself in the air rifle world.

Despite it not being one of the larger air rifles on the market, the Optimus offers more than enough power and accuracy to satisfy all levels of shooters.

One of the selling points with the Crosman Optimus is it can use both .177 and .22 caliber rounds.

Obviously, though how much power the air rifle packs will depend on the size of the rounds being fired.

With a .177 pellet you can obtain about 1200 feet per second, while the .22 pellet comes in around 1000 feet per second. In terms of accuracy you can expect the best results up to about 20 yards out.

Made from metal and wood the Crosman Optimus offers shooters a very reliable air rifle with a simple and reliable design. Read review

Daisy Red Ryder

Daisy Red RyderThe Daisy Red Ryder has been around for decades and is still one of the most popular and well-known air rifles around.

The Red Ryder is mentioned in several adult and kid movies and stories, but perhaps the most famous is “A Christmas Story.”

Every air rifle enthusiast out there has probably shot one of these beauties a time or two. And if they haven’t you can bet that they have heard of it.

Perhaps the greatest selling point for the Daisy Red Ryder is its simple design, which makes it quite easy to use.

The Red Ryder is also one of the smaller and lighter air rifles in the market, weighing it at just 3 pounds and measuring just shy of 3 feet.

Its smaller size and lower price make it the perfect air rifle for children, as long as they have adult supervision of course.

Now the Daisy Red Ryder is not the most powerful air rifle nor is it the most accurate. In fact, this .177 caliber air rifle will only reach speeds of about 350 feet per second, but it is still one of the most reliable ones around.

And makes an amazing training rifle for young kids as the chances of it causing physical or property damage is minimal. Read review

Daisy 901 Duck Commander Powerline

Daisy 901 Duck Commander PowerlineIf you are looking for an amazing air rifle that provides you the shooter plenty of ammo choices, the .177 caliber Daisy 901 Duck Commander Powerline is the perfect choice for you.

As an air rifle this beauty offers shooters the choice between pellets and BBs, but also offers a very simple and easy to use design.

The Daisy Powerline 901 features a multi-pump action, which allows you as the shooter to decide just how powerful your shots are going to be.

Like all multi-pump actions how much power the air rifle has will depend on how many times you manually pump it. But, you can expect anywhere from 700 to 900 feet per second.

Now this rifle is nothing that can be used for small game hunting, but it is a great air rifle for beginners. Manufactured by Daisy it is a step above the popular Red Ryder.

Measuring just 38 inches long and only weighing about 2 ½ pounds the Daisy 901 Duck Commander is a sturdy and reliable air rifle that fits even the smallest beginners. Read review

Crosman 760

Crosman 760 PumpmasterNow the Crosman 760 is not the most powerful air rifle around, but that doesn’t stop more experienced shooters from buying it.

The Crosman 760 is often compared to older Crosmans, which many experienced shooters remember quite fondly.

Luckily, the Crosman 760 Pumpmaster lives up to the Crosman reputation, making it the ideal choice for beginners to learn on.

The Crosman 760 is a .177 caliber air rifle that will fire either BBs or pellets. The bolt action, variable pump allows shooters to determine just how much power each shot has.

As a pump action the shooter must pump up the air rifle before it can be fired, how many pumps will determine how far your shot will go.

At maximum power shooters can expect anywhere from 615 TO 645 feet per second. How far also depends on the type of ammo used, pellets often travel faster than BBs.

The adjustable rear sights and a mounted scope shooters can expect to accurately hit the target at 40 meters out.

How tight the groupings are at this distance will depend on the experience of the shooter. Read review

Black Ops Junior Sniper Combo

Black Ops Junior Sniper Combo Air RifleThe Black Ops Junior Sniper Combo is an amazing choice for somebody who is new to shooting.

Measuring about 39 inches long and weighing 41/2 pounds with a mounted scope the Black Ops Junior Sniper Combo isn’t too heavy nor is it too long.

And let’s face it if you are looking to purchase a sniper styled air rifle you are going to need a mount and scope.

As far as shooters go, snipers are supposed to be the best of the best, so they need the best rifles.

The Black Ops Junior Sniper Combo offers you just that as it is one of the best and most accurate air rifles on the market.

Testing shows that at 10 meters out the air rifle is quite accurate with both pellets and BBs. Pellets you are looking at 1/8 inch groupings, while BBs you are looking at a 2 inch grouping.

The fixed fiber optic front sight and the rear adjustable sights, in addition, to the scope make sighting the target even easier.

The .177 caliber Black Ops Junior Sniper Combo is a multi-pump pneumatic air rifle that delivers up to 675 feet per second.

Just how far depends on how many times you pump the gun and what ammo you are using. Read review

Benjamin 397

Benjamin 397 Air RifleIf you are looking for a multi-pump pneumatic air rifle that is nice to look at the Benjamin 397 with its Monte Carlo stock is an excellent choice.

Not only is the Monte Carlo stock nice to look at it is also very lightweight. Weighing in at around 5 ½ pounds the Benjamin 397 is light enough for beginners to safely use, but it is also heavy enough that more experienced shooters find it enjoyable to shoot.

The Benjamin 397 has been around for quite some time, making it open of the most reliable air rifles on the market.

Even with its solid reputation Benjamin still goes the extra mile to make the air rifle worth owning by paying close attention to the finer details.

Every year Benjamin looks over the 397 to see what improvements can be made, as well as what features the air rifle can do without.

Constantly improving the .177 caliber Benjamin 397 allows it to remain an outstanding choice for paper targets, plinking, and spinners.

The .177 caliber Benjamin 397 multi-pneumatic pump allows you the shooter to determine just how powerful it is.

More experienced shooters can fully pump it up and watch the pellets fly up to 800 feet per second. Read review

Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper IGT

Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper IGT Air RifleFor those of you that are looking for something a bit more than just an ordinary air rifle the Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper IGT is an amazing choice.

This air rifle is one of the more powerful ones on the market, plus it comes with a variety of special features that allow it to truly stand out from the crowd.

The Gamo Bone Collector Bull Whisper IGT is a well built air rifle that is a lot of fun to shoot. Coming in at 43.75 inches in length many people think it would be difficult to hold, but weighing only about 6 pounds most shooters have very little difficulty.

Power is always a nice thing to have when it comes to air rifles, but it is not the only factor that goes into choosing the right air rifle.

Unlike majority of the air rifles currently on the market the Gamo Bone Collector does not use a metal mainspring, which means no worries about the mainspring freezing up during colder weather.

The Gamo Bone Collector instead uses a IGT gas piston that allows for smoother shooting and cocking.

With how powerful the Gamo Bone Collector is recoil is going to become an issue at some point. To deal with that the Bone Collector comes with a Shock Wave Absorber recoil pad. Read review

Ruger Explorer Youth

Ruger Explorer Youth Air RifleThe Ruger Explorer Youth is one of the best beginner air rifles currently on the market.

One of its best features is its all-weather composite stock. What this means for young and old shooters is that you can take the air rifle out in inclement weather and still be able to properly shoot it.

Most of us probably wouldn’t head out shooting in the middle of a snow storm, but it’s nice to know the air rifle won’t be damaged due to a freak storm or two.

Air rifles are often made for right handed shooters, although you can find some that are designed for lefties.

What makes the Ruger Explorer Youth a truly great beginning air rifle is it is ambidextrous, so no matter if a shooter is right or left handed they will be able to use it.

No more having to worry about how uncomfortable the air rifle is to hold, which makes it harder to learn how to shoot.

The Ruger Explorer Youth is the perfect size for kids learning how to shoot, especially when you compare it to other beginner air rifles.

The Ruger Explorer Youth comes in at 37.125 inches making its horter than other air rifles, plus it only weighs 4.45 pounds, so it is a bit lighter than most.

The lighter frame and shorter length make it easier for kids and smaller adults to hold properly. Read review

Winchester Model 1400CS

Winchester Model 1400CS Air RifleThe Winchester Model 1400CS obviously belongs to the Winchester line of rifles, which the name should speak for itself.

Winchester is a household name for families who are involved in hunting and shooting for sport, as they are a name that inspires trust after making so many high quality air rifles.

And, honestly, the Winchester Model 1400Cs is just another perfect example of how good they are.

The .177 caliber single shot air rifle is powerful enough to use for small game, but is also a great air rifle to use for target shooting.

The Winchester Model 1400CS uses 4.5 mm pellets, which according to Winchester can travel up to 1400 feet per second, which is more than enough power for small game hunting.

With all of that power, sound is often a concern, especially if you are hunting. To address that issues the air rifle comes equipped with a sound suppressor.

The single shot air rifle does not come equipped with any open sights, but does come with a 3-9 x 32 scope that fits perfectly on the mounting grooves.

To prevent accidental firing features a thumb safety that is engaged as soon as the air rifle has been cocked. Read review

Black Ops Tactical Sniper Combo

Black Ops Tactical Sniper Combo Air RifleIf you are looking for an air rifle that provides you, the shooter, with the perfect mix of power and accuracy the Black Ops tactical Sniper Combo is an excellent choice.

Not only does it provide the perfect mix of power and accuracy it is also one of the most realistic tactical air rifles on the market and has proven to be quite durable thanks to its synthetic stock.

Like many other air rifles out there the Black Ops Tactical Sniper Combo is relatively loud, even the silencer on the end of the barrel doesn’t do much to help reduce the noise.

However, the air rifle will start to quiet down once you have put some rounds through it. In trying to look like a real tactical air rifle the Black Ops Tactical Sniper Combo comes with a clip, which can only be used for storage.

The air rifle has to be reloaded after each shot, but the clip makes it easier to load as it holds up to 30 pellets.

Measuring 44 inches long, weighing about 10 pounds, and having a 44 pound cocking effort, this air rifle is not an ideal choice for new shooters. Read review

Director’s Showcase Elite 3 36” Color

Director's Showcase Elite 3 36 Color Guard RifleThe Director’s Showcase Elite 3 36” Color air rifle is actually the official rifle of the WGI.

It just also happens to be the rifle of choice for Winter Guard, Drum Corp, as well as several high schools throughout the country.

The Director’s Showcase Elite 3 has earned its solid reputation as it is quite durable, but also performs very well.

The last thing any guard member wants to deal with is having a performance air rifle that is not going to stand up to the demands of their performance schedule, as well as practices, The Director’s Showcase Elite 3 is built to stand up t the most rigorous of schedules.

Made from only the finest hardwoods, the Director’s Showcase Elite 3 has a smooth, yet durable finish that helps prevent cracking during an important performance.

Taping is an important part of a performance air rifle, but the Director’s Showcase Elite 3 doesn’t come taped.

Owners will find directions inside the box instructing them how to tape the air rifle correctly. Read review

Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2

Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Air RifleThe Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 is the improved version of the Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston.

And when we say improved, we are not referring to minor improvements. Benjamin went out and did a complete overhaul to make this air rifle even better than before.

Perhaps the biggest improvement is the integral sound suppression system. All air rifles are going to make some kind of noise, but how much noise they make is another story.

If you plan to use the air rifle for small game hunting the last thing you want to deal with is loud noises.

Now when you compare the Nitro Piston 2 to the original you will notice just how effective the sound suppression system is, but don’t expect the air rifle to be totally silent.

The Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 is a .22 caliber break barrel single shot air rifle that uses a gas piston for firing.

However, unlike other gas piston air rifles this one has been improved to make it easier to cock, plus it’s trigger has been improved. Read review

Benjamin Marauder

Benjamin Marauder PCP Synthetic Stock Air RifleThis Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle differs from the other in terms of its synthetic stock.

The original Marauder came with a wood stock, while this one comes with a black synthetic stock that is considered to be quite durable, as it stands up to wet weather conditions.

The Benjamin Marauder is available as a .177, .22, and .25 caliber air rifle making it the best choice no matter what kind of shooting you are going to do.

For those of you that opt for the .177 or .22 caliber you will be pleased to discover that the air rifle comes with a 10-shot repeater, while the .25 caliber comes with an 8-shot repeater. None of that really matters though unless the air rifle is going to be reliable.

The Benjamin Marauder PCP is not only reliable; it is also quite accurate thanks to its choked barrel. The 2-stage adjustable metal trigger is easier to pull, plus the lighter trigger makes repeated firing easier.

Based on looks alone many shooters tend to think the air rifle is heavy making it awkward to shoot, but the truth is it only weighs about 7 pounds and measures a mere 43 inches long. Read review

Gamo Little Cat

Gamo Little Cat .177 Caliber Precision Air RifleThe .177 caliber Gamo Little Cat is the perfect choice for your younger shooters.

Although we have to admit the older shooters tend to like it just fine too.

It is one of those air rifles that majority of parents find the perfect choice for an introduction t everything that shooting has to offer. Whether you are teaching basic safety or target shooting, the Gamo Little Cat is more than ready for the job.

Younger shooters often have a hard time with air rifles because their arms are so much shorter, which makes learning how to shoot rather awkward.

Measuring only 36 inches in length, the Gamo Little Cat is just the right size for those shorter arms. Weight can also be an issue for younger shooters, too heavy and the air rifle tends to drop forward or backward during shooting.

Weighing a tad bit less than 6 pounds, most kids will find the Gamo Little Cat is the perfect weight for them.

The Gamo Little Cat offers the perfect balance of powerful. It is not powerful enough to knock even the smallest shooters off their feet, but it does have some kick to it. Read review

Crosman 764SB

Crosman 764SB Air RifleThe Crosman 764SB air rifle is honestly just a new and improved version of the original Crosman 760.

In order to have this air rifle stand out from the original version Crosman decided to dress it up a bit.

Unlike the original Crosman 760 the 764SB is all black with some silver accents. The all black air rifle allows for the natural beauty of the barrel to show through.

Despite its beauty this air rifle wasn’t designed for all shooters. It is actually geared more towards young kids and small adults.

Measuring 33.5 inches long and weighing less than 3 pounds the Crosman 764SB is the perfect size for smaller shooters to use when learning how to properly shoot.

Gripping the air rifle is also easier with this model thanks to the checkered grip and grooves on the pump handle.

In terms of power the Crosman 764SB offers just the right amount. As a pump master air rifle the shooter is the one who determines the power that goes behind each shot. Read review

Crosman Phantom

Crosman Phantom .177 Caliber Break Barrel Air RifleThe .177 caliber Crosman Phantom is the air rifle of choice if you are looking for a powerful break barrel style.

Not to mention gun manufacturers can’t help but refer to it as a new and innovative break barrel air rifle thanks to its amazing body style.

With the Crosman Phantom the break barrel design was totally redone, which is part of why it is such a favorite with break barrel enthusiasts. Crosman gave the air rifle a sleeker look than previous models.

Plus added some defined lines and upgraded the stock and forearm to an all weather option. Now avid outdoorsman won’t be deterred by a little bit of wet weather.

The newly designed break barrel design makes the Crosman Phantom one of the most reliable air rifles that you will ruin across.

The checkered grip and forearm allows for shooters to keep a steady, non-slip grip whenever they fire. Plus thanks to the break barrel design shooters are not limited in terms of how many shots they can fire.

Simply cock the air rifle after each shot and you are ready to go. Read review

Gamo Whisper G2

Gamo Whisper G2 Air RifleThe Gamo Whisper G2 was first introduced during the 2014 Shot Show as the new and improved version of the original Gamo Whisper.

In updating the original whisper, Gamo added all of the technology that they had introduced over the past year to the Whisper G2.

The best improvement to the Whisper G2 was the Turbo Stabilizing System. This new technology improves the firing cycle, as well as controls it.

The Turbo Stabilizing System controls just how aggressive the firing cycle is, which in turn made the air rifle even more reliable than before.

In addition to the Turbo Stabilizing System the Whisper G2 comes with a SAT or “Smooth Action Trigger.” This two stage adjustable trigger allows you to make adjustments to the trigger to suit your shooting needs.

For those who are worried about recoil from such a powerful air rifle the Whisper G2 has that taken care of as well.

Gamo added a Shock Wave Absorber recoil pad that will absorb up to 74% of the air rifles recoil. Read review

Ruger Yukon

Ruger Yukon Air RifleThe Ruger Yukon is the perfect air rifle for shooters who are looking to use something for varmint or pest control.

Now most of us are afraid to use an air rifle for varmint or pest control because of how loud they are, after all your neighbors might start complaining if they are constantly hearing something similar to gun shots.

To help minimize the noise the Ruger Yukon comes with a SilencAIR suppressor. This 5-chmaber suppressor drastically reduces the loud crack of the pellets as they leave the rifle barrel.

The Ruger Yukon break barrel single shot sir rifle is one of the most reliable ones around, as long as you properly maintain it.

The ReAxis gas piston replaces the traditional metal spring, which can freeze up on you in colder conditions. The gas piston also leads to smoother cocking, making the air rifle a breeze to shoot.

The Ruger Yukon air rifle is available as a .177 caliber or a .22 caliber. The .177 caliber air rifle can reach speeds of 1250 fps with alloy pellets, while the .22 caliber reaches about 1050 fps. Read review

Crosman Remington Vantage

Crosman Remington Vantage Air RifleFor those of you looking for something that looks and feels just like an old-fashioned deer hunting rifle the Crosman Remington Vantage is the perfect choice.

While it may look old-fashioned with its hardwood stock, the single shot break barrel air rifle is anything but.

Now even though it may look like a deer hunting rifle, the Crosman Remington Vantage is nowhere near powerful enough to take out large game like deer.

However, if you are looking for the ideal air rifle for target shooting and plinking or even some small game hunting, this is the one for you.

If you are using alloy pellets with the Crosman Remington Vantage you can expect to reach speeds of up to 1200 fps, which is how it is powerful enough to take out small game like rabbits.

Even though many beginners might find the power to be a bit overwhelming, weighing only about 6 pounds and measuring 44.5 inches long it is the perfect size for a variety of shooters. Read review

Gamo Silent Cat

Gamo Silent Cat Air RifleWhether you are just getting interested in air rifle hunting or a seasoned air rifle hunter the Gamo Silent Car is an excellent choice.

The .177 caliber Gamo Silent Cat is a breeze to handle thanks to its shorter length and lighter weight.

How much effort is required when cocking an air rifle can change a shooter’s opinion in a matter of mere seconds.

The Gamo silent Cat lists a rather gruesome listing in terms of cocking effort, up to 28 ft/lbs, but despite the listing users report it is more like 18 to 20 ft/lb.

The easier cocking effort means you can literally fire hundreds of rounds each day without experiencing arm fatigue.

The Gamo Silent Cat features a synthetic stock that enables it to stand up to a variety of weather conditions without any worries about damage.

The fully adjustable trigger allows you to adjust the trigger to suit your shooting needs 100%.

The break barrel Gamo Silent Cat can reach speeds of up to 1,200 fps with just a single pump, as long as you are using PBA ammunition that it. Read review