The Black Ops Junior Sniper Combo is a .177 caliber air rifle that gives shooters their choice of ammo, as the single shot air rifle uses both BBs and pellets. It features a black synthetic stock, 3/8 inch optic rail, and a weaver accessory rail on the forearm sides.

Black Ops Junior Sniper Combo Air Rifle

The bolt action, multi-pump pneumatic allows the rifle to produce up to 675 feet per second of velocity when it is being fired. How far ammo goes depends on the type of ammo being used and how many times you pump.

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For a beginner this air rifle is an amazing choice, as it isn’t too heavy or too long. With the scope and mount attached the Black Ops Junior Sniper weighs in at about 4 ½ pounds and is about 39 inches long. The Black Ops Junior Sniper Combo air rifle is reasonably priced, and you get a great rifle for a decent price.


This air rifle is made by Black Ops, which belongs to an outdoor specialty company named Bear River International. Now their name might not be as well known as other names, such as Daisy and Crosman, but they seem to have a pretty solid background.

The Bear River International company is made up of a group of people who enjoy the outdoors and who want to bring the fun to you. Black Ops is a division of this company that specializes in outdoor shooting. Most of their guns are designed to mimic the military.


When picking out an air rifle accuracy is one of the main deciding factors, especially for beginners. After all, you seriously can’t go shoot a gun that isn’t accurate, part of learning to shoot is learning how to aim. And, in order to aim you need to have a gun that is at least close to accurate.

Now like with many other air rifles you are not going to be able to take the rifle out of the box and get perfectly accurate results. You are going to need to spend a few minutes making some minor adjustments, but once you do watch out.

This gun has been tested by Pyramyd Air’s tech department and their results are rather astounding, especially for an air rifle. When testing the gun they were shooting about 10 meters out and were getting quite accurate results.

When using pellets the tech department was able to get 1/8 inch groupings for a 5-shot group, BBs gave them a 2-inch grouping with a 5 shot group.

Being able to see the target also plays a role in how accurate the rifle is. With the fixed fiber optic front sight and the fully adjustable back sight, you should be able to make enough adjustments to see and hit the target without any issues. If those sights aren’t enough the scope might just do the trick.


If you are going to be playing military war games the last thing you want is to have an air rifle that has zero power, especially if it’s supposed to be a sniper rifle. If you are playing sniper or even just out in the backyard shooting you want an air rifle that is going to get the job done the first time, not 30 minutes later.

Now the Black Ops Junior Sniper air rifle is not going to be the most powerful air rifle out there, but it will get the job done, if you allow it. As a multi-pump pneumatic, you the shooter are in control of how powerful the air rifle is.

With this particular air rifle how many times you pump determines how much power the air rifle is going to have. The more pumps you do, the more power behind the shot. According to the manual, 10 pumps is the maximum you want to do and at full power a 7.10-grain pellet will travel 669 feet per second, while a steel BB will go 675 feet per second.


When it comes to shooting for fun or for sport one thing that shooters want is a gun that is going to give them reliable results. Now for beginners reliability is still important, although it is not the most important actor. Beginners who are just learning how to shoot seriously just want the air rifle to fire each time the trigger is pulled, but you also want to make sure that the gun doesn’t go off to easily.

The Black Ops Junior Sniper Combo is quite reliable and with its 6 lbs. 2 oz. trigger pull you can rest assured that if the gun is not going to go off too easily. Some people might think that the trigger pull is a bit on the heavy side, but for beginning shooters, who this gun is made for, this ensures that the air rifle is not going to fire unless they want it to fire.

One improvement that can be made in terms of reliability is on the 4 x 15 mount that comes included with this air rifle. The Picatinny rail is not a normal size, so trying to swap out the scope can be interesting.

If you decide to swap out the scope for an upgraded one make sure you pay close attention to the size. Another issue some have had with the scope is its off axis from the bore, but using the fiber optic sights worked out quite well.


Most people want to make sure they are getting what they paid for, and when it comes to the Black Ops Junior Sniper Air Rifle, you are actually getting more than what you pay for. Now obviously, if you think this air rifle is something that you can use while out hunting, you are wrong. Simply a beginner’s air rifle that is a great value for everything comes with it.

Sure, the Black Ops Junior Sniper has a few minor problems, but not anything major that can’t be worked around. Unlike other beginner air rifles, this one comes with more than just the air rifle. When you purchase this air rifle, you will also be getting a 4 x 15 scope, lens covers, and a 2-piece mount.


If you seriously look at everything that the Black Ops Junior Sniper Combo has to offer you will know that it is an amazing choice for a beginner’s rifle. Now as a beginner air rifle, this is not going to be a perfect gun, as it does have some drawbacks, which are easily overlooked.

However, if you are looking for a great air rifle that offers power and accuracy, while being 100% reliable for a minimal amount the Black Ops Junior Sniper is the perfect choice.

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