What many people fail to realize is that the Crosman 764SB Air Rifle is just a different version of the original Crosman 760 air rifle. To allow this beauty to stand out Crosman redressed it in black and gave it some silver accents to allow the true beauty of the rifle barrel stand out.

Crosman 764SB Air Rifle

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They also added a few features to this remodeled make over to make the 760 series even better than before.


One thing you never have to worry about when purchasing a Crosman air rifle is the reputation of the company, it is a pretty solid one. Almost every air rifle enthusiast has heard of the Crosman name, in most houses it is a common name. Crosman manufacturers a variety of air rifles and they are all of the utmost quality.

They are one of those companies that are going to stand behind their product in order to protect their good name. One thing about Crosman is that their air rifles have been around for decades and they are still just as good now as they were back then.

Many older generations shooters can remember learning how to shoot with a Crosman, so it is there go to brand when it’s their turn to teach the next generation.


If you are in the market for a reliable air rifle, you know one that won’t break the first few times you fire it, then the Crosman 764SB air rifle is the perfect choice for you. Being made by Crosman, his is one of the most durable air rifles out there. Many owners have reported that this line of air rifle will last a lifetime, if they are properly maintained.

One thing to take notice of is this air rifle is designed more for the beginner shooters, young kids, and small adults. It actually weighs less than 3 pounds and is only 33.5 inches long. This lightweight, shorter air rifle is the perfect size for younger and smaller shooters.

Having an air rifle, the proper size helps when learning how to properly shoot. Something else that allows for shooter to have better control over the air rifle is the checkered grip, as well as the grooves on the pump handle. Both of these features allow for shooters to get a good grip and maintain that grip. The better your grip the easier time you will have staying on target.


For an air rifle that is being used mainly by beginners and younger shooters you don’t want something to powerful. You want to avoid air rifles that have a lot of recoil, as you don’t want to injure the shooters or knock them down for their first experience.

However, you also don’t want something that is too weak; you want to find that air rifle that is the perfect mixture in terms of power. You want an air rifle that is going to get the job done right, which is where the Crosman 764SB comes into play.

Being that this air rifle is a pumpmaster you as the shooter can control just how powerful it is. Full power would be 10 pumps, while minimum power is 3 pumps. And, how far the ammunition goes really depends on what you are using. Fully pumping up the air rifle allows you to shoot BBs up to 625 fps, while you can shoot pellets up to 600 fps.

This air rifle isn’t going to be used much for shooting pests or small game, but is perfect for target shooting and plinking. However, keep in mind that you do not want to use BBs for plinking, as they should never be shot at anything metal, even with little to no power.


Accuracy is a huge deciding factor in air rifles, even for beginner shooters, as you want something that can accurately hit the target. Learning how to aim is all part of learning how to shoot, but if you purchase an air rifle that is hard to aim, you won’t learn how to properly shoot.

To help improve the accuracy of this air rifle Crosman included a 4-power scope. The scope is an upgrade from previous models and comes with coated lenses, as well as focusing eye piece and turret adjustments to ensure shooters get the most out of the scope.

The air rifle also comes equipped with front and rear sights to aid in its accuracy. The front sight on this air rifle is fixed, but the rear sight is partially adjustable. When it comes to adjusting the rear sights, you can only make adjustments for elevation.

Shooters who have shot both BBs and pellets are actually impressed with the results of the included scope, most never thought the scope would work very well. These same shooters have reported accurate results at 35 feet with Bs and 45 feet with pellets.


For a beginning air rifle most people don’t want to spend a lot of money, they want to find something as cheap as possible. Yet at the same time, they don’t want to pick up an air rifle that is going to be a pile of junk. The Crosman 764SB is an ideal choice for beginners as it’s affordably priced and provides some great results.

The air rifle can shoot both pellets and BBs. In terms of BBs the air rifle comes with an 18-shot magazine and a 200 shot reservoir, but for pellets you will need to use a 5 shot clip. For pellets, you do have to reload more, but some people find them to be better to shoot than BBs.


Now the Crosman 764SB is not a very expensive air rifle, but it is the perfect choice for younger shooters, as well as small adults. It’s lightweight and the perfect length for smaller bodies to get accurate results.

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