The Daisy 901 is a .177 caliber air rifle that allows shooters to use pellets or BBs, giving you plenty of ammo choices. It features a black composite stock and forearm, along with a dovetail-mounting rail for owners to add the scope of their choice.

Daisy 901 Duck Commander Powerline

The multi-pump action can produce anywhere between 700 to 900 feet per second of velocity when fired. How much will depend on whether BBS or pellets are being used and on how many times you pump.

Daisy Powerline 901 Review & Shooting

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The air rifle is nice for beginners because it isn’t too heavy nor is it too long, weighing about 2 ½ pounds and being 38 inches long it is light enough for even the smallest beginner. The Daisy 901 doesn’t cost a lot when compared to other air rifles, but it is definitely a great rifle for the price that you pay.

Reputation: Daisy 901 Duck Commander Powerline

This air rifle belongs to the Daisy line and like many other Daisy products is a great choice, especially for beginners. The Daisy 901 is a very simple, yet sturdy air rifle that is also very affordable. Daisy products have been around for decades, and are still some of the best products to buy for beginning shooters.

Perhaps what allows the Daisy 901 air rifle to stand out among its competitors is its truly low price, you really won’t find a decent product for a lower price. Now this air rifle is a great choice for beginners, but experienced shooters also enjoy taking it out and doing a little target practice.

Now obviously, this air rifle isn’t going to be used to take out a buck, but it can do some damage to smaller rodents.


As is the Daisy Powerline 901 Duck Commander is quite accurate, but keep in mind various play a big role in how accurate the air rifle really is. If you were to simply take the air rifle as is out shooting you would get accurate results with both pellets and BBs up to about 90 feet, but how accurate your results are depend on the number of pumps.

Only pumping it once or twice drops the accuracy down to about 20 feet, while three to five pumps ensures accuracy up to about 40 feet. For some of you 40 feet might seem like quite the distance, but it’s not really all that far when it comes to shooting.

For accurate results up to 60 feet you will need to give the Daisy 901 about 8 pumps, while 10 pumps gives you accurate shooting up to about 90 feet.

How many times you pump the air rifle will only do so much for accuracy. If you can’t see the target, you can’t hit it. And, while we all know that missing the target is not always the guns fault, some of it can be blamed on the gun.

The Daisy 901 comes with a TruGlo fiber optic front sight, as well as a rear sight that is fully adjustable to aid in your goal of hitting the target. But, honestly, how accurate the rifle is depends on the shooter, but the better your aim gets the more accurate the rifle is.


Nobody wants an air rifle that is going to fizzle out the minute the pellet or BB leaves the barrel. People want an air rifle that is not only going to hit the target, but one that is going to deliver a punch as well.

The Daisy 901 is not the most powerful air rifle out there, but it does get the job done for most shooters. Since the Daisy 901 is a multi-pump pneumatic, you as the shooter are in control of how powerful the rifle is.

Like all multi-pump pneumatic air rifles, the pumps affect the power. The more pumps you give it, the more powerful it will be. Obviously, on the other hand fewer pumps means less power, which can be beneficial for beginning shooters.

Maximum power, which according to the manual is 10 pumps maximum, is 750 feet per second with both pellets and BBS. That is enough power to turn this beauty into a small game hunting rifle with the right type of pellets.


The last thing people want to purchase is a rife that fails to shot when the trigger is pulled. So in terms, of actually firing a shot the Daisy 901 is very reliable. However, there are a few things that can be improved upon with this rifle to help make it more reliable.

One of the biggest improvements that can be made with the Daisy 901 is in terms of the scope and the scope mount, which is plastic. Like several other air rifles the Daisy 901 does not come with a scope, instead it uses open sights.

Accuracy is greatly improved upon when adding a scope to this rifle, but you will have to purchase it separately. The plastic scope mounts make it hard to keep the scope zeroed in, so you constantly have to adjust it before firing.

Another concern is the trigger pull on the rifle; it is a long pull and pretty heavy. While this might be annoying at first, the good news is it is something that you can get used to. In the beginning, the trigger pull might affect the accuracy of the rifle, since the gun is so light.

However, the more time you spend out target shooting the faster you will get used to the combination of the heavy trigger pull and the light weight of the rifle.


The last thing that anybody wants is to pay too much for something; everybody wants to ensure they are getting the best value. With the Daisy 901, you are definitely getting a good value for the money that you are spending. One of the best things about the Daisy 901 is that the price you are paying for the kind of power and accuracy you get, it literally can’t be beat.

Now that doesn’t mean that the Daisy 901 doesn’t come with its own set of problems, as it does. People who prefer a scope will have to purchase a separate one, but the open sights are fully adjustable and work great, if you know how to use them.

While the Daisy 901 does have a heavy trigger pull, it has decent power and accuracy for the money that you are spending.


If you take into account the solid reputation of Daisy, along with the value and power that this air rifle provides, it is a great choice. Now this air rifle is not going to be the perfect gun, as it does have its flaws, but those are easy enough to work around.

For those of you who are looking to spend a minimal amount and still get a decent product the Daisy 901 Duck Commander Powerline Air Rifle is a great choice with.

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