The Director’s Showcase Elite 3 36” Color is considered the official rifle of the WGI. One of the things that allow this rifle to stand out from the rest is the way it allows members of the color guard to perform their very best, thanks to how perfectly balanced the rifle is.Director's Showcase Elite 3 36 Color Guard Rifle

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The reputation of this rifle is among the very best. In fact, the Director’s Showcase Elite 3 36” Color is so nice that it is the rifle of choice for the Drum Corp, Winter Guard, and several high schools around the country. And how these rifles got their solid reputation is because of how durable they are, as well as how well they perform.

The quality is something that is unmatched with other similar rifles thanks in part to its precise design and its superb manufacturing. Not to mention the durability of this rifle is outstanding, so users will get years of use out of it without sacrificing their performance.

The company only uses the finest quality hardwoods to make the rifle, which gives it such a smooth and durable surface. When it comes to their reputation the makers of the Director’s Showcase Elite don’t leave anything to chance.


Ass a member of the guard the last thing you want to deal with is a rifle that is not going to be able to keep up with the demands of your performance schedule. The Director’s Showcase Elite is one of the most reliable rifles for beginner guard members, but it is even a reliable choice for some of the most advanced members.

A big part of this rifle’s reliability comes from the fact that the makers use only the finest hardwood when manufacturing the rifles. Using Popular and Aspen is a great choice because it gives the rifle the smooth, yet durable finish, needed to make it look nice.

The durable finish means less chance of the rifle cracking during a performance, which is where you want the rifle to look nice and crisp.

Now the only drawback to the reliability of this rifle is that it isn’t taped at the factory itself. When the rifle arrives at your house you are going to need to tape it yourself. New owners will also need too screw in the bolt and put the strap on themselves, which can cause problems with how the rifle performs.

However, if you know what you are doing or seek help in attaching the bolt and strap the chances of getting it correct are good, which improves the reliability of the rifle.

Now even though the rifle itself doesn’t come taped you can find directions inside the box of how to do this properly. When taping the rifle you must first use strapping tape and then vinyl tape.

However, getting it right can be quite tricky and whether or not the rifle is properly taped plays a role into how long the warranty is in effect. Some companies will offer to tape the rifle for you for an extra fee, which many find worth it as they can rest assured that the job is done right.


As a member of the Color Guard one thing that you will need to do with the rifle is to spin it as you march. This can be rather difficult if the rifle is not perfectly made because it gets hung up as you go to spin it. Not only does the Director’s Showcase Elite look great, it also performs great.

Most users find the rifle quite easy to spin because of its smooth and durable finish. This finish is created in large part because of the type of hardwoods used on the wood.

The smooth finish allows for the rifle to spin easily in the hands of the youngest beginner, as well as the most advanced guard member. Something else that applies to the accuracy of the rifle is the balance, which users have found this rifle to be perfectly balanced.


One thing that users must realize is that the Director’s Showcase elite is not a very powerful rifle. This rifle is not going to shot pellets or BBs of any kind; it will never be able to be used to take out small game or big game for that matter. However, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have some kind of power, it just doesn’t shot anything with any kind of force.

In terms of power this rifle has the power to win drill competitions in the right hands. The stock is made from popular, while the bolt is made from plastic and the strap is leather.

The quality materials make for a pretty powerful rifle as you know it is put together quite well. Beginners and masters of the guard can spin and twirl this rifle during the toughest of competitions and pull of an amazing win.


Now when people think of value they are honestly thinking about the price of the rifle. They want to make sure that they are getting a good deal for what they are paying. They don’t want to spend any kind of money only to have the product break or fall apart during their first use.

Both beginners and advanced members of the color guard will find this rifle to be decently priced for everything that it offers, as the rifle spins quite smoothly and holds up to everyday use in practice and competitions. So in terms of what you are paying for the Director’s Showcase Elite you are truly getting a great value for the price you are paying.


Overall the Director’s Showcase Elite is a rather impressive rifle, if you belong to the color guard. The smooth and durable finish allows for easy spinning, while the perfect balance allows for almost flawless spins.

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