Reviewing the LaCrosse AeroHead Men’s Hunting Boots

These lightweight, full-length boots excel in mud, snow, and water. Designed using a combination of nylon and rubber on the top, closed-cell foam in the liner and insole, and rubber outsoles, allow this boot to handle many terrains.

Even with the protection they offer, these choice boots are still flexible and come with special outsoles designed to repel dirt, mud, and ice from sticking to them. They work great for a warm pair of lightweight boots for everyday use and for keeping water out in the marches and swamps. The AeroHead hunting boots line from LaCrosse is the perfect choice.


Nylon Mesh

This is one of the most advanced and affordable new materials that is being used today. This webbing or nylon mesh is used for some of the best boots for hunting. It is extremely durable, very lightweight, water resistant, and provides great ventilation.

The nylon mesh makes this boot flexible and light weight. Most boots with the nylon mesh are not as warm unless a liner is used.

The good thing about the LaCrosse AeroHead Men’s Hunting boot is that they do have a great liner, so you don’t have to worry about your feet getting cold. They are so warm in fact that they can handle up to thirty degrees below zero.



Rubber boots are perfect for hunting in wet areas like marshes or swamps. There is no substance on the market that repels water like rubber. It may not let your feet breathe so well, and that is why this boot only uses rubber for the sole of the boot.

That way you get the water repelling capabilities and with the nylon mesh on the upper part, you give your feet some breathing ability. Most rubber is inflexible because it is thick. These boots have flexible plastic so that they offer the ability to move as you please.

The superior protection that these boots provide with their mud, snow, and rain resistant abilities makes them a perfect choice for any serious hunter. The last thing that you want to do is miss that big game because you don’t want to walk around with wet shoes for the rest of the day.

LaCrosse has used the rubber material effectively to give you all of the good qualities while leaving out the bad.

Closed-Cell Foam

Closed-Cell Foam is a sturdy and lightweight material that cushions your feet as you walk. It is used as an insole for these hunting boots and works to absorb some of the sweat that comes from this shoes superior weather resistant abilities.

It is great for being light, springy, supportive, and moisture-proof. All of the best hunting boots have closed-foam insoles because they offer the support that is needed for those long hikes.

You may have to walk long distances to get to your game and you need the support to make sure that you have the support to walk these long distances. With a supportive insole, it is a lot easier to feel comfortable when hunting.

Does the Height matter?

You may have to go through various terrains to get to the right spot. Therefore, you don’t know what you are getting in to. You can lose a lot of daylight if you have to walk around an area because it is too wet.

You want to have boots that are high enough to protect your feet anywhere. The LaCrosse AeroHead Men’s Hunting boots are high enough that they can protect your calves and feet from getting wet.

The top of the boots also have water resistant capabilities to that even if the water is higher than your knees, the water will not be able to get in and soak your feet. This boot is designed to keep your feet dry and warm.

LaCrosse Men's Aerohead Mossy Oak Infinity Hunting Boot

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When you are hunting, the worst thing is walking around with wet feet. It is not only uncomfortable, but when it gets cold, it can be dangerous. The best waterproof boots will allow you to walk through puddles and streams without fear that your feet are going to get wet.

It can cut down on the air flow to your feet because of the great waterproofing abilities. LaCrosse has taken this into account. They have incorporated the insoles to absorb some of the sweat.

These boots offer both the waterproof capacity with some breathability to offer the comfort that is needed. These boots have been designed to keep the water out and your feet dry.

When it comes to having strengths and weaknesses, this boot has way more strengths than weaknesses it includes all of these great features to give you the most protection and durability that is needed for any hunter in any terrain.

Check out the features:

  • Full size for men and come up to right below the knees
  • Nylon mesh and rubber boned uppers
  • Superior construction built to resist abrasions, snags, and cuts
  • Completely waterproof outsole and uppers to keep you dry
  • Moisture-wicking lining for comfort
  • Non-loading outsoles to shed mud and snow
  • Keep you cozy and warm even when it is -30F
  • Strap closure with snug buckle
  • Thick insoles of foam to cushion for long walks or hiking
  • Lightweight at only 2 pounds per pair

Pros and Cons:


The LaCrosse AeroHead Men’s Hunting Boots are a great for swampy and muddy terrains because of their exceptional waterproofing design.

They rise up high to just below the knee and can be secured using the buckle and strap. This allows the boot to prevent and water from getting in and soaking your feet. This pair of boots will keep you completely dry from your toes to your knees.

Because the LaCrosse AeroHead Men’s Hunting Boots are created for snow and mud, the non-loading outsoles of rubber are a great addition.

They shed any snow, mud, or other buildup when you walk so that you don’t get bogged down by these things caked on the bottom of your boots. It makes for better traction in dirty and difficult terrains.

Plus, you don’t have to worry about breaking these baby’s in. Because they are made of rubber and nylon and not leather, they are ready to use right out of their box.

The premium nylon, rubber, and insole foam need to be stretched to fit your foot and that means you can put them on and start your hike right away without worrying about pain and blistering.

Finally, these superior Hunting boots are very flexible and lightweight, so that they can be used to hike through a swamp or climb a tree stand. They are the best choice for the price.

LaCrosse Mens Aerohead Mossy Oak Infinity Hunting Boot Sole

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With a combination of a mixture of super light closed cell foam and liner, lightweight outsoles, and nylon uppers, this pair only weighs two pounds. So, you hardly realize that you are wearing them and you are covered for any terrain.


The first flaw is a common one for waterproof boots. There is poor ventilation and airflow. They are not as bad as the completely rubber hunting boots but they don’t breathe well and that makes them less comfortable in hotter weather.

To mitigate this problem, LaCrosse included an absorbent insole. It does help a little, but when the entire bottom of the leg is covered, it is a lot to absorb. They are best used in colder environments.

They also lack arch support even though the insole is made of thick foam. It is lightweight and won’t really hold up under the heavy weight of a pack.

This can be easily fixed with some gel insoles that you can pick up many places. They can offer some additional support and you can have the protection and the support that you need.

When you need a pair of boots that are designed to protect you, this is the right pair for you. You won’t have to worry about your feet getting wet.


What is the sense of buying a pair of boots that are going to allow your feet to get cold? There is really none. You want a pair of boots that has the ability to keep your feet dry and that are comfortable enough for those long trips.

LaCrosse has taken the best materials and the needs of their customers and designed a great pair of boots that is sure to be useful for any hunter whether you are hunting in a jungle or the field by your house.

Don’t worry about tracking that huge buck or bear through that stream. Wait in a stream while that moose passes to the clearing. You have the durability and versatility that you need when you have a pair of these. They can even handle the most extreme conditions.

When it gets cold outside, you don’t want to have any other pair of boots on your feet and you definitely don’t want your feet to be even the littlest bit wet. The LaCrosse AeroHead Men’s Hunting Boots are your ideal choice.