The Ruger Yukon Air Rifle looks just like a regular hunting rifle, but the good news is over time it will quickly become your favorite air rifle. One of the nicest features of this popular air rifle is the suppressor, which is the SilencAIR, it is a 5-chamber one that drastically reduces the noise of the air rifle making it neighbor friendly.

Ruger Yukon Air Rifle

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This is nice for people who use it for varmint or pest control, as the loud crack as the pellet leaves the rifled barrel, is minimal at most.


Gun enthusiast around the world know all about the Ruger name. If you are looking for a solid company with a stellar reputation, Ruger is it. Ruger has been around for several decades and with how well they are doing will be around for several more.

Ruger is known in the gun world as manufacturing high quality products, as well as standing behind the products they manufacturer. One of the best things about Ruger is they know their stuff, not just air rifles.

Everybody knows that there is a big difference between an actual rifle and an air rifle, even though neither one of them are toys. Air rifles can be powerful enough to mimic a real rifle, but in most cases, a real rifle is going to be more powerful than the air rifle.

Ruger is known for manufacturing real rifles, but they have made their way into air rifles. The best part is the quality of their air rifles is the same as their real rifles.


One of the best things about this break barrel single shot air rifle is that it is not going to seize up on you while you are out shooting. This air rifle, like many other Ruger products, is not only durable, it is also very reliable. It is pretty much guaranteed that if you properly maintain the air rifle and use it properly that it will fire every time without any kind of problem.

One of the features that adds to the reliability of this air rifle is the ReAxis gas piston. Many air rifles come with a metal spring as their source of power, but those can cause all sorts of problems over time as the metal can seize up or even rust.

The gas piston offers shooters a smoother shooting experience. It also provides smoother cocking, which makes the air rifle easier to shoot. The other benefits to having a gas piston powered air rifle compared to a spring powered one is the gas piston won’t give out like the spring will.

Although it’s not a habit you want to get into with a gas piston powered air rifle you can leave the gun cocked for hours without any problems, but with a spring powered one leaving it cocks wears out the spring faster. Not to mention the gas piston doesn’t malfunctions in cold weather like the spring can.


How powerful you want the air rifle to be will depend on what you are using it for. Target shooting doesn’t need as much power as varmint control but no matter what you are shooting at you want the bullet to be able to make it to the target.

With this air rifle, you have the option of choosing between a .177 caliber or a .22 caliber, which both shoot pellets. If you are opting for the .177 caliber rifle, expect a maximum velocity of 1250 fps with alloy pellets and 1050 fps with lead pellets.

If you opt for the .22 caliber, you can expect maximum velocity of 1050 fps with alloy pellets and 850 fps with lead pellets. Users also report that the .177 caliber delivers less of a thump on impact, so if using it for hunting small game it might take more than one shot to knock something down for good.

The 2-stage adjustable trigger pull allows for users to make adjustments based on their personal shooting preferences, which allows you to deliver maximum power based on your current shooting needs.


One of the biggest factors in terms of accuracy is how well you can see or aim at what you are shooting at. This air rifle comes with both iron sights and a scope. With the fiber optic sights, only the rear sight is fully adjustable.

One question people often ask in terms of the sights and the scopes is if they have been sighted before being shipped. As most experienced shooters, know even if they have been sighted before shipping you will want to check them after taking the air rifle out of the box, as things are knocked around during shipment.

The air rifle includes a 3-9×32 scope and mount, but you will have to mount the scope yourself. Several people will say that the included scope is horrid, but that is not really the case. Sure if you want a higher powered scope you can go out and buy one, but the real problem with this air rifle is the scope rings.

No matter how tight the screws are the scope rings will simply not hold the scope in place. Easy enough to solve by purchasing new scope rings.

How accurate your groupings are will depend on what you are shooting. Many shooters report that at 35 yards they can hit the target accurately. However, the majority feel that getting tight groupings is best achieved at or below 25 yards.


Everybody wants to purchase something that is going to give them the best value for their money spent. And, if you look at everything that the Ruger Yukon Air Rifle has to offer it really is a great deal, even with the few minor flaws. Sure, the air rifle needs a better scope, but the stock scope is better than nothing, as most air rifles don’t include scopes.

The gun itself is loud, but after several shots, it does quiet down. These things are minor when you look at how reasonably priced this air rifle is, especially being a gas piston powered one, which means you don’t have the disadvantages of the metal spring.


The Ruger Yukon air rifle is one of the best looking air rifles out there, but it is a bit on the heavy side. Being on the heavier side isn’t a problem for most experienced shooters, as they are used to the heavier guns, but younger shooters might need to use a rest to aid in proper shooting.

It has a few minor flaws, but those are things that can often be worked with or improved upon.

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