The Winchester Model 1400CS is a .177 caliber break action pellet rifle. This rifle uses 4.5 mm pellets, but is great for shooting both targets and small game.

Winchester Model 1400CS Air Rifle

The Winchester Model 1400CS features a composite stock in a mossy oak camo print. The rifled steel barrel comes equipped with a sound suppressor. The air rifle does not come equipped with any open sights, but it does come equipped with a 3-9X 32 scopes that fits on the mounting grooves.

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The spring air break-barrel Winchester is a single shot rifle that comes equipped with a safety. How the safety works on this model of Winchester is a thumb safety that engages once the rifle is cocked. Having the thumb safety ability makes it easy to flip the safety off before firing; no fumbling around for the safety like you would on other air rifles.


The Winchester Model 1400CS obviously belongs to the Winchester family of rifles, so the name pretty much speaks for itself. If you talk to anybody who is even remotely interested in guns or hunting, they will be more than familiar with the Winchester name. Winchester is known for their high quality rifles, it is a name that inspires trust.

Like many other Winchester brand rifles the 1400CS comes with a variety of features. And, the more you find out about the features that go along with the air rifle the quicker it moves up the list to become your favorite air rifle.


Regardless of if you plan to use the air rifle for shooting targets or game, you want a rifle that is going to be reliable. The last thing a shooter wants is a rifle that is going to miss its target every single time.

Now nobody really expects an air rifle to come out of the box 100% reliable. Most people expect some fine tuning to be done before they can start getting decent results, and this thought holds true with the Winchester 1400CS.

After fine tuning the rifle and test firing it a few times the 1400CS is rather reliable. The more you fire it the better it shoots, probably because you become more familiar with the gun the more you use it.

Now the manufacturer details state that the Winchester 1400CS has a maximum shooting distance of 325 yards, but not everybody has had success with hitting the target at that distance. The web sling that comes with the 1400CS helps with shooting stability, but also makes the gun easier to carry in the field.


A big part of shooting a gun is accuracy, you want to be able to reliably hit the target, so you must have accurate aim. Now the Winchester 1400CS doesn’t come with open sights, but it does come with a scope.

Now the scope isn’t the best scope in the world, but it can get the job done. If you want the best accuracy your best choice is to purchase a different scope to place on the rifle.

As the manufacturer recommends the 1400CS can shoot up to 325 yards, but that does not mean it will be accurate at that distance. Most people find it to be the most accurate at about 100 yards. The grain of the pellets will also affect the accuracy of the 1400CS. 8 grains and above is perfect because if the grain is too light it affects the accuracy.

The bipod legs, which extend anywhere from 9 inches to 13.5 inches, also help with accuracy as they work to provide steady support when firing.


When purchasing a rifle people want something that is going to have some power behind it. How much power will depend on what you need or want the air rifle for. Now while the trigger pull needs a little bit of work on this air rifle, it still shoots hard and fast.

Even with the suppressor that is designed to reduce sound emissions by about 50% the shot can still be heard. In terms of power though, this air rifle has more velocity than a standard .22 long rifle. According to the manufacturer’s specifications when using alloy pellets the gun can shoot the pellets 1400 fps.

With that kind of power the Winchester Model 1400CS can easily be used for hunting small game, from the right distance you can even take out a bobcat.


When looking at the value of the Winchester 1400CS you have to look at everything the air rifle has to offer for the price it is being sold for. Now the first thing that you will notice is this air rifle is not a $20 model, it is quite a bit more expensive than that.

However, when you look at everything the air rifle offers the price is actually quite reasonable. When it comes to getting what you pay for the Winchester Model 1400CS is quite a bargain.

Now the Winchester 1400CS is not a perfect air rifle, but, frankly, not sure any air rifle out there really is. The 1400CS has a few minor flaws, but they are not so bad or horrid that they can’t be worked around.

One thing that allows the 1400CS to stand out over other air rifles is that it does not come with open sights; instead it comes equipped with a semi-decent scope. And even though more experienced shooters recommend replacing the scope, it still provides a great value.


When you look at everything that the Winchester Model 1400CS has to offer it is an overall amazing rifle. Both beginning and experienced shooters will enjoy this air rifle. Plus, the thumbhole grip gives you extra wrist support and helps with a straighter trigger pull, which improves its accuracy and reliability.

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