RifleJudge infographic

We all have heard something about rifles and we tend to believe these things no matter if they are positive or negative.

Of course, when it comes to weapons there are a lot of negative things that are said. But just how many of them are actually true?

Well, that is something we try to partly answer in this infographic that tells the myths and facts about rifles.

Take a look and see for yourself that a lot of the things that you might have heard are not true at all.


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Rifles are not the kind of guns that so many of us believe they are. And it is important to know the main benefits of rifles as well.

Only then, when one knows all of the facts it is possible to judge them. They are in fact highly practical and can be used in different situations.

And as the study shows, they are not the kind of guns that would be used unlawfully as often as we tend to believe.

All of this clearly shows that it is important for us to look for the true facts.