10 of the Best Shooting Targets

When it comes to shooting targets one thing that you will quickly discover is they can usually be broken up into two groups, your ordinary shooting targets and your fun shooting targets.

Best Shooting Targets

No matter what group you are looking at though, you will soon find out that every shooter has their favorite.

You know that one target that they use time and time again and when you ask them to try something else, they politely decline.

Usually saying something along the lines they will stick to what they are comfortable with, the target they always use that provides them with the best results. Many times the favored target will depend on what kind of shooting the shooter prefers.

If you have found yourself stuck in the vicious cycle of constantly using the same target it is time to change things up a bit.

As most experienced shooters will tell you it is always good to shot at a variety of targets even on the range, after all the real world is not going to always present you with the same target.

Not to mention the more familiar you become with a variety of targets, the better you will be as a shooter.

#10 Bullseye

This is one of the most popular targets out there and is seriously considered a classic.

The best thing about this beauty is that it is simple and effective; it is also probably the oldest style of target out there today.


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Using the bullseye target is the best way to test out your shooting in terms of distance; you can use it at any distance out there and quickly measure up how you did.

It is also a great way to have shoot offs with friends or family at the range.

#9 Animal Targets

The unique thing about these targets is they often showcase the vital organs of the animal portrayed on the target.


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Knowing the vitals and practicing on these targets allows you to determine the perfect hunting distance, as you can see how easy or hard it is to hit the spot you are aiming from at a variety of distances before you go out in the field.

While they might be designed more for hunters, they can also be fun for other shooters to use to practice their skills.

#8 Silhouettes

This one ranks right up there with the bullseye in terms of being one of the original targets.

However, this one you tend to think of law enforcement or military personnel using rather than ordinary citizens.


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Not only is it used in law enforcement, but also in concealed carry classes. Most people who prefer handguns favor this target.

Like the bullseye it has scoring rings, so you can constantly track your progress.

#7 Zombie Targets

As everybody is constantly talking about surviving a zombie apocalypse, thanks in large part to the success of the AMC hit show The Walking Dead, it should come as no surprise that zombie targets are making a debut on this list.

Zombie Targets

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What might surprise you is they were popular even before the new craze.

These targets are a great way to put a new twist on a classic paper target unless you count the ones that include VisiColor options that create impact halos to make it easier to see where you hit the target.

#6 Target Stand

This isn’t really a target, but without it you are not going to get very far shooting at paper targets, so we feel it’s important to include on the list.

Target Stand

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Most times if you go to the range the backboards are shot up or people have taking too many shots at the 2 x 4s.

Having a target stand with you will solve all your problems, plus it folds so it can easily be stored inside your trunk so you always have it with you.

#5 Redfield Target

This is a target that any rifle owner should be comfortable with, as it is the one most commonly used at the range.

The Redfield Target has a large target square in the center of the paper.

Redfield Target

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Around the large target are several smaller targets, which allow for precision shooting practice.

The entire target is laced with small squares, one inch to be exact. The small squares allow you to zero in your rifle and obtain group measurements.

#4 Diamond Pop Up

One of the best things about this target is that it is a metal target. What this means for you as a shooter is that you will hear the shot clank loudly against the metal.

Diamond Pop Up

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However, whether you see the target get shot or you hear it first will depend on the distance of the shot.

This Diamond Pop Up is specifically designed for use with a .22 caliber long rifle. The beauty of these targets, aside from how affordable they are, is they pop back up automatically.

You can easily set up a handful of them along the range and then shot away until you grow tired, never once having to run through the range to reset the targets.

#3 Bowling Pin Target

These targets might look a bit odd, but they perform beautifully. They are made from DuraSeal, which means they can withstand just about any kind of ammo out there, which gives you the most leeway in terms of a versatile target.

Bowling Pin Target

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The target will react every time it is hot. How it reacts will depend on where you were able to hit it.

Even better is the targets will return to their original shape and position after each shot.

#2 Metal Spinner

Like many other targets, this one doesn’t require you to constantly run down the range and reset the target, making it a very popular choice.

Metal Spinner

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With the metal spinner you want to make sure you purchase one for the type of gun you are using.

Every time you hit the metal spinner you will be rewarded with the target moving/spinning. You will also hear the shots as they hit home.

#1 Clay Targets

Aside from the bullseye these are probably the most popular target when it comes to ordinary targets for shooting.

Clay Targets

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The great thing about clay targets is they can be used in a variety of different ways.

Many people mistakenly think clay targets are only good for shotguns; truth is you can use them with any type of gun.

The targets are preferred because of their high visibility; they can be seen from more than 100 yards away. Not to mention when you hit the target you will see the pieces shatter and fly apart.